About us | Credits

I want to acknowledge the wonderful people below.
For inspiringcoaching and supporting me,
in creating the artwork on this site.
Thank you so much, for coming into my life.


  • Andreas H. Bitesnich
    Internationally renowned Nude Art Photographer
    For sharing your passion and incredible photography skills, during your 2016 summer workshop
  • Arjan Groot
    For organizing great Nude Art Photo Workshops on amazing locations.
  • Bianca van der Werf
    Architectural Design and Photographer
    For helping me to think and feel in artistic ideas, concepts and themes.
  • Edwin Van Wijk
    For quickly honing my technical photography skills, by showing me the way in your workshops.
  • Gerlo Beernink
    Prof. at the Emerson College, Boston, USA. History of Photography. Winner of World Press Photo 1991
    For introducing me to the history of Art and Photography.
  • Michiel Fischer
    Photographer and owner of Studio 34x
    For being my invaluable technical buddy during the shoots in your amazing studio.
  • Simon Thorpe
    Illustrator/Concept Artist and Photographer
    For introducing me to the world of illustrators and professional film productions.
  • Sean Martin
    For sharing his passion for Dance and Male Nude Photography, and for showing me how “less is more” in images.

Web design

  • Petran Liket
    Photographer and Web Designer
    For teaching me everything-I-always-wanted-to-know about building websites and SEO.

Fine arts

  • Marie José Leenders
    Painter and sumi-e artist
    For introducing me to the fine art of Nude Drawing and Painting.
  • Zhu Jun
    Chinese Sumi-e artist
    For teaching me not to fight, but in stead, to embrace the unpredictability of the sumi-e painting process
  • Mom, who passed away in Jan 2016
    For teaching me, as a kid, the sheer joy of drawing and painting.
  • Dad
    For teaching me, to believe in myself and do things my own way.
  • Grandpa
    Artist, draftsman, painter and sculptor
    For teaching me, that in order to learn to draw, first you have to learn to see.
  • Mr. Frits
    My first art teacher
    For bluntly refusing my admittance to your Nude Drawing classes. Because in your view, my artistic skills where non-existent ….

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