About us | Plan and timeline


  • Phase 1: Open on-line Gallery
    Goal >  Present my Linetas artwork portfolio online
    Time frame > Spring of 2017
    Status > www.linetas.com went online In May 2017.


  • Phase 2: Sell art on-line
    Goal > On-line shop offering high quality art prints for sale: photo prints, canvas prints, textile prints and more.
    Customer experience > Worldwide shipping, unparalleled quality, limited and unlimited editions.
    Time frame > Summer of 2017
    Status > Work in progress, on track


  • Phase 3: Sell art in shops
    Goal > Physical (pop-up, store-in-store) shops, where customers can check-out and experience high-quality art prints.
    Time frame > Winter of 2017
    Status > Looking for partners, art shops or art galleries. Feel free to contact me

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