“Me, myself and my body”

Wanted: nude models (female, 35-55 yrs)
for art project.


The “Me, myself and my body” project is a tribute to the beauty of the human body. Nine women and nine men are invited, and challenged, to create a personal and authentic visual story. About themselves, and their relationship to their body. A story in the form of a photographic triptych: a portrait, an artistic nude and a personal statement. Using pure body language only, no words.

What models say …….

“To me, posing for Linetas means: creating together in a respectful collaboration. While shooting he invites you to be the best shining You. His eye for detail, uplifts the pictures close to perfection. Although I think he loves to see the perfection in the imperfection.  I love to co-create with this passionate and creative artist.”

Model: Shanti

Mood board

Sample of a triptych (portrait, artistic nude, statement)

Theme: Aphrodite Kallipygos. Model: Joy

“Working with Linetas is fantastic. Before I read his bio on his web site, I assumed that he would be a female photographer. His pictures are so tender and feminine, showing respect for the female body, in all its natural forms. He has the gift to transform the imperfection of a woman into perfection. This is not only beautiful to observe, but also beautiful to experience as a model.

With music, dance and silence, Linetas creates a relaxed atmosphere on the set. He makes your natural beauty blossom. The result: beautiful images that will survive the ages. I feel honored to be part of this creative process. To me, modelling for Linetas is sheer pleasure.”

Model: Astrid Curvy Model

Theme: Nymph in the woods. Model: Sarah

Theme: Nymph in the woods. Model: Sarah


The images resemble the art work of classical painters, mixed with the style of vintage photographs. The personal, creative and artistic contribution of the model is essential in the creation process. Each triptych radiates positive life energy, authenticity and spirituality.


Each model is invited to create a personal triptych, in close collaboration with the artist/photographer:

  1. Portrait: Show the viewer what goes on inside you, with your eyes as the windows of the soul.
    Jointly we will determine the best pose, makeup, and attributes for an authentic portrait photo.
  2. Artistic Nude: Show the viewers how proud you are of your body. Together we will select a classic painting or drawing, to determine the best pose and expression.
  3. Statement:  Make a personal visual statement celebrating the beauty of your body. Express who you really are on a deeper level, using your body language only. This can be related to an specific mood, event or activity (e.g. sports, powerful, erotic, passion, vulnerable, secret fantasy, the god/goddess inside you).


The “Me, myself, and my body” images will be published

  • In the form of a photo book
  • On on-line galleries (e.g. www.saatchiart.com)
  • In art galleries (location to be determined)

Frequently asked questions

About the model

To create a consistent series of images with a classical art look and feel, we are looking for a specific type of model. Please note: this is an art shoot, not a fashion or glamour shoot.


  • Body shape: I don’t have the perfect Greek figure. Can I join?
    Absolutely, we are looking for natural looking, authentic people. Plus size models are more than welcome.
  • Model expression: What expression are you looking for?
    For this specific project we are looking for models with a self-conscious, intelligent facial expression, and a strong presence and personality.
  • Age: What age category are you looking for?
    For this specific project, we prefer to work with models in the range of 35-55 years.
  • Body ornamentsHow about tattoos and piercings?
    For this specific project, we prefer to work with models without tattoos and without piercings.
  • Experience: I have limited nude modelling experience. Can I still participate?
    We prefer to work with people that have some experience in nude modelling. Feel free to send us info if you are a novice in nude modelling.

About the Shoot

  • Duration: How long does the shoot take?
    Each shoot will take 2 hours, plus 30 minute preparation time.
  • Location: Where will the shoot take place?
    Photo shoot will take place in a professional studio close to Amsterdam.
  • Compensation: How will the model get compensated for the shoot?
    The shoot will be based on TFP (time for pictures) plus travel expenses.  Please note that substantial investments are made by Linetas in time and in money to rent a professional studio, an assistant, make up artist, clothing an other props. You will receive 3 high quality pictures in high resolution, for private use and for your personal portfolio.
  • Contracts: How about the legal stuff?
    In all cases, a model release will be signed by model and photographer upfront
  • Privacy: I love the project, but I don’t want my (nude) pictures to be published. Can I still participate?
    Yes, we can also organize a (commissioned) private shoot, based on a fee. In this case your pictures will not be shared with others.



Feel free to contact us for more information.

All images, texts and materials are copyright protected and are the property of Linetas.
Please contact us for permissions.