private nude shoot

Private nude shoot in Amsterdam

Book your exclusive and discrete private nude shoot, in a professional top-notch photo studio close to Amsterdam.

“To sit for one’s portrait is like being
at one’s own creation.”

Alexander Smith
Scottish poet (1830 – 1867)

A fine and artistic nude art photo of yourself

Are you a professional model, actress, dancer, movie star, musician, artist or a love couple?
Do you want to explore, experience and embrace the beauty of your body?

Are you looking for:

  • Professional and authentic nude art photographs?
  • Artistic images that stand apart in creativity, authenticity and quality?
  • Creative fine art photographs that will stun yourself, your friends and your (future) clients?

Just imagine, …… your private nude photo shoot

We offer 100% privacy and discretion. On the studio set there will only be people that you can trust:

  • 1 Awesome model: you !
  • 1 Professional photographer (Linetas)
  • 1 Professional studio technician
  • 1 Professional make-up artist

Just imagine, …… only you and your body

A relaxed and respectful interaction with the model is crucial to me as an artist. Sometimes, we start the private nude shoot with a little meditation exercise. During the shoot, we play music to create a relaxed atmosphere on the set. The type of music may vary. From pop, to classical music, to late night jazz. It all depends the energy of the shoot, and the preference of the model. As a model you are free to dance, sing or shout. Or, to do your Tai Chi thing in silence, in between the poses. We invite you, to express yourself. To be 100% yourself. Just you and your body. Only then, we will be able to capture the authentic you in the pictures.

10 reasons why our clients prefer Linetas

  1. Professionalism and 100% discretion
  2. Mutual respect between model and the artist
  3. Integrity and professionalism of team on the photo set
  4. Top-notch professional studio with state-of-the-art-equipment and dressing rooms
  5. Trusted, safe harbor setting, creating a cozy family room in the studio
  6. Professional and friendly on-site coaching when required (make-up, posing, lingerie)
  7. Model is invited to share ideas and to co-create, e.g. using classical or modern themes
  8. A healthy dose of humor and lots of fun during the shoot
  9. Authentic top quality fine art photographs
  10. When only “the best” is just “good enough” for you

Amateur models vs professional models

The majority of the images on the Linetas web site are created by working with professional models. And yes, I love to work with non-professional models too.  To protect the privacy of my clients I cannot always share these pictures on the site. Click here for an example of an amazing nude shoot with non-professional models.

Core values

Respect and integrity is key to me as an artist and as a person, in everything I do. The privacy of my clients is respected. I expect the same of my clients. My core values are:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Privacy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Non discrimination (religion, race, ethnical)

All images, texts and materials are copyright protected and are the property of Linetas.
Please contact us for permissions.